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Wireless transfer of energy

The right energy can take you anywhere

ENRX is a global green tech company on a mission to speed up the journey for a sustainable future. We offer inductive heating, charging and power transfer with low or no carbon footprint – technologies that provide value in manufacturing and mobility applications worldwide. 

Quick facts about ENRX

  • Turnover: 135 MEUR

  • Number of employees: 1,100

  • Heat: 30,000+ installations in 80+ countries

  • Charge: 25+ million km driven on wireless charging roadways

  • Power: 100+ km of industrial tracks worldwide

  • Patents: More than 1,200 for induction technology

ENRX How induction heating and inductive charging works


ENRX develops stand-alone equipment and integrated systems within induction heating, wireless inductive charging and contactless power supply.

ENRX Financial information

Financial information

ENRX is owned and backed by Arendals Fossekompani, a long-term investment company that focuses on energy and technology-related businesses for a greener economy. 

Stand with FDF and ELVA historical


It started with a date and ended up in marriage. ENRX comprises the global industrial induction heating expert EFD Induction and the patent-dense wireless inductive charging and contactless power supply innovator IPT Technology. 

ENRX News and press rekeases


ENRX strives to be a transparent company. Find out about the latest news and press releases, get access to our media bank and feel free to contact us with your questions. 


Group structure

Meet our Board of Directors and our Corporate Executive Committee.

ENRX Mission

When people look back, they will find that we were years ahead

Our vision informs where we are heading as a company. The world of electrification is full of opportunities. By picking the right ones we will provide more value than anyone else within induction heating, wireless inductive charging and contactless power supply. A journey to look back on with pride. 

 ENRX Vision De

Speeding up the journey to a sustainable world through smart energy transfer

Our mission reflects why we exist as a company. Inductive heating, charging and power supply makes a difference in a virtually endless number of applications within manufacturing and mobility. We offer a technology that has been proven for decades, and the best years are yet to come. 

Latest news

  • Clean production is a talent magnet

    Clean production is a talent magnet

    Manufacturing companies struggle to attract talent while an ageing workforce approaches retirement. Industrial production is also changing driven by automation, digitalisation and electrification. However, induction heating is a technology that promotes energy-efficient production with virtually no emissions, allows Industry 4.0 integration and provides healthy and safe workplaces. In the competition for talent, induction can be an appealing force.

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