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Weldac: Tube welders

Weldac is our family of proven high-output solid-state welders for welding low-carbon steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel and aluminium. 


Weldac is our system family of high-output, solid-state tube and pipe welders. The Weldac family covers a wide range of power sizes from 50 kW up to 2,200 kW and a frequency range of 60-500 kHz with either Silicon Carbide or Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor.

  • Small footprint and fast installation
  •  Continuous electronic load matching
  • Efficiency factor of 85-95%

High-speed throughput and reliable welding. Perfect for the tube and pipe industry.

Weldac High-output solid-state welders

Weldac I High-output solid-state welders

Weldac is a complete offering with a diode rectifier, inverter modules, output section, busbar and operator control system. You can also access a full range of consumables including coils, ferrite, impeders and tube scarfing equipment. We also supply seam normalising solutions.

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