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Wireless induction charging and contactless power supply to AGVs

Material handling 

Induction technology for smart movements of material flows in factories, distribution centres and warehouses. 


Wireless inductive charging and contactless power supply take material handling to the next level. Based on induction, these technologies offer the fast, reliable and quiet movement of materials within and between workstations.  Within stations, by continuous powering of everything from conveyors and cross belt sorters to monorail systems. Between stations, by inductive charging or power supply of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and mobile robots. 

  • Inductive charging or power supply for AGVs and smart robots
  • Contactless power supply for ASRS, conveyors, cross belt sorters and EMS
The skillet with a scissor lift on-board receives electrification from an inductive power system as it is transferred through the production line.

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