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Minac mobile induction heating equipment with twin power output

Minac: Mobile induction heating equipment

Minac is an all-in-one-solution for the heating of practically any electrically conductive material. 


Minac is our family of mobile and versatile induction equipment. Examples of ideal jobs are brazing, curing, hardening, shrink-fitting and straightening. Minac equipment can be fitted with a single or twin output, various coils and coil fixtures, flexible cables, closed or separate cooling systems, and specially designed heating cables. We equip the Minac to fit your need.  

  • Mobile and flexible
  • Ready to use and easy to operate
  • Robot compatible
Induction brazing of generator windings
ENRX Mobile Induction heating equipment

Minac | Mobile induction heating equipment

You can move your Minac around a workshop or factory floor or easily load it into a car and transport it to work sites. It can be fitted with a practically limitless range of coil designs and coil fixtures, flexible cables, closed or separate cooling systems, specially designed heating cables, etc.

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Customized solutions


Bolt expansion system

Specially designed for bolt expansion in high-pressure turbines.

Customized solutions

Coating removal system

Specially designed for rapid stripping of paint and high-build coatings.

Customized solutions

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