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ENRX induction heaters are suitable for bearings used for wind turbine applications

Renewable energy

Sustainably produced electricity is growing fast. ENRX is the world’s leading supplier of heating solutions for the renewable energy sector. 


Induction heating and wind power form a virtuous circle: Clean electricity from the wind powers induction heating systems that make turbines that generate clean electricity. You can use induction for heating a large number of metal parts in wind power systems – from brazing of terminal ends on high voltage cables to hardening inclined heavy rings of more than five meters in diameter. We deliver giant turnkey plants for the most complex jobs as well as mobile and flexible heating equipment.   

  • Induction heating for wind turbine component production and assembly
  • Large turnkey systems with up to three coils in use simultaneously 
  • Mobile and flexible heating equipment for manufacturing and field work
Induction heating for hardening of giant slewing ring

Hardening of giant slewing ring

See how induction heating is making wind power even greener

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