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Dynamic Electric Roadway
Electric Roadway: 

Dynamic wireless charging

Unlimited and unplugged e-mobility without recharging hassles for all types of vehicles. On the highway, mining routes and taxi lanes. 


Electric Roadway is our system family for wireless dynamic charging of electric buses, cars and trucks. With Electric Roadway, there is no need to stop for recharging, making electric vehicles truly autonomous remaining in service for hours. It is the solution for today’s long-haul trucking challenges. Power generated by nearby wind and solar resources can be delivered wirelessly from the roadway to the vehicle while in motion. 

  • Flexible and reliable under all weather conditions
  • Works both for slow- and high-speed charging
  • No interference with other devices or systems
Driving 80 km/h on ENRX Primove electric Roadway. A proven continuous in motion charging capacity of 180 kW while driving 80 km/h (50 mph) with an overall efficiency of more than 90%

Project Lommel, Belgium: Bus and Car

Purpose: Demonstrating the power of dynamic charging

  • Asphalt road with asphalt modules
  • Concrete road with concrete modules
  • Emissions-free operation; stationary and dynamic use
  • Wireless charging and powering without downtime

Project Mannheim, Germany: Bus and Truck

Purpose: Demonstrating charging for highway application

  • Driving at 80 km/h (50 mph) on an 80 meters dynamic roadway
  • Overall efficiency of more than 90 percent
  • Proven continuous charging capacity of 180 kW

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