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Inductive power supply and charging solutions for the automotive industry

Dynamic electric roadway

Consider a future where you don’t have to stop to charge the battery of your electric vehicle.


Wireless transfer of energy to vehicles via electric roadways could lead to zero-emission mobility. For example, buses, cars and trucks can charge their batteries while on the move instead of at a charge station area. Each type of vehicle has its maximum charging power, which the dynamic roadway system delivers on request of the car. Charging vehicles along the way (daytime) and not via a fixed station during peak power (evening) will also help levelling out power consumption in the grid. In addition, continuous road charging can also increase the efficiency of internal transportation systems, such as at mining sites.

  • No need to stop for recharging – ideal for long-haul trucking
  • Allows for intermodal e-mobility models
  • Battery size and capacity can be reduced
Mannheim, Germany. Demonstrating Dynamic Electric Roadway

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